New Endeavors

Posted: April 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

I know it’s been forever since I posted here… I hope to get better about that.  

I recently joined a collective writing-publishing group located in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area called “Roeb Point of View.” It’s listed on Facebook as a news and media website. 
I will be contributing cartoons and maybe some prose (I haven’t decided if I want to submit any articles yet)

I started a Facebook page too. I may have mentioned it here… I don’t recall. You can look me up on Facebook, under “Scott Ebisch Art” 

I originally planned on sending cartoons out to print markets this year. I wanted to see if I could actually sell a cartoon out in the real world. But I changed my mind (for now) after reading “Ignore Everybody” which encouraged the reader (me) to consider the well worn path to success and why the well worn path may not be for everyone.

I approached the founder and editor of Roeb Point of View and decided submitting my cartoons for exposure in a different market other than the global market the website might reach because it was best for me right now. 

I want my cartoons to be read. Holding out for money as a content provider right now (for me) might mean my cartoons never see the light of day. And that would make their existence pointless. 

So I am submitting cartoons to two different websites for free and I’m ok with that right now. My cartoons are being seen and on Medium I have a small group following me thanks to “The Coffeelicious” publishing my work.

There are always going to be trade-offs in life. Compromise is a constant. 

I may never get to join the National Cartoonists Society… (due to the fact one of the requirements states that I have to make a sizable portion of my income as a cartoonist for 3 years before I can join)

And that’s why I may still try and sell cartoons in the offline print markets but it could take years for me to make enough income to qualify for the NCS. 

Either way, I’m making art and it’s being seen. And that’s part of why I do it. The other part is for me to stay sane in a crazy world. I do need to find a way to monetize this situation. But that will happen eventually. I hope…

Thanks for reading. I’ll get better at posting here. 


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