Less art in these few weeks

Posted: December 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

This time of year really does suck. I get so much less work done in the weeks between Halloween and New Years. 

My goals are simple. I want to sell my cartoons and make some kind of income as a cartoonist. I have spoken to a few cartoonist friends of mine and they find this time of year very taxing on their schedules as well.

Combine the holiday bullshit with a sudden bout of writers block and out of frustration you start cleaning up your art space at home. (I just started this over haul yesterday) and in keeping with family expectations with the pending holidays you go into NYC and watch the parade. We’ve done this 3 times now. Last two years consecutively. 

This year we took a spot on 53nd and 6th and had a good day dispite the cold.

I am concentrating in writing for the next few weeks. I need just 2 gags a day to find the 10 a week that I need to submit to print markets. This is according to and recommend by my friend Pat Sandy who draws the comic strip “Next Door Neighbors”… We met on Facebook and we spoke at length one Sunday afternoon about the business, breaking in, submissions and what syndicates might look for and how few of them remain. For a few days after that call I texted him bouncing ideas off of him, asking more questions etc.

With the always connected world we live in I have usually communicated with other creatives on twitter via direct messages or Facebook messenger and even messaging thru Instagram which I didn’t realize they offered too.

Finding people and becoming long distance friends via the internet is easy and even though Pat sent me his phone # thru messenger so we could speak in person you don’t need a personal contact # any more. And I have found so many cartoonists are very personable and eager to help how ever I contact them.

So as the remaining weeks of the year wind down I will be scribbling in an orange composition notebook (I’ll share the pic later) making lists, writing down cartoon ideas to sort out later and lessening the pressure to crank out cartoons at a break neck pace. 

Now that I have the tools to market my cartoons I want to get them out there ASAP or faster. And the product is slow in coming. Ideas aren’t germinating quick enough. Sure I set my own deadlines in this case, I don’t owe anyone any thing. But I want to be submitting and collecting rejection letters NOW. (that’s just me)

The more I carpet bomb the print markets the more likely I will earn a sale… But it’s taken me this long to get this far (four years of cartooning on purpose, post cancer and lost time having a hotel career and starting a family all of which occupied my thirties)

I can wait a few more weeks for the holidays to die down and the company parties to burn off and all the food to be digested. Decorations to be put up and taken down etc.

Life gets in the way.

My motto for years now has been “Live life. Make art. Be happy.” 

Stressing on how to make that art in order to balance my work life especially with family life will my make the process harder to accomplish. 

So since I only owe cartoon submissions for publication to The Coffeelicious on medium.com I have no paying editor or publication to worry about…

I can take my time. 

But I am my own worst enemy.


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