Being Published

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I have officially been published somewhere else on the web and by someone else’s doing.

It’s taken me a long time to arrive at this moment in time, but I have apparently arrived. There hasn’t been any fanfare or huge celebrations to be had, you haven’t missed anything, but for me the interest of an editor of an online publication with a readership of some 24,000 people is enough to be very happy about.

I have mentioned here in the last couple of posts that I was emailed by this person named Srinath Reddy who edits a publication on the website called “The Coffeelicious” he added me as a writer first and then in his emails to me inquired about using my cartoons for his publication.

There is no money involved, but the sheer volume of “views” I have collected for the few cartoons he’s published so far is astounding to me. It’s close to 4000 people. Some of these people have taken a few seconds out of their day to “recommend” what I wrote or drew. Others have “responded” to the same material, and some of them have not been so nice.

I’m thrilled either way. I’m reaching and affecting so many more people than I would have on my own.

This has been a validation for me, I have been recognized by another individual “professionally” as a writer and as a cartoonist. And he is publishing my cartoons online everyday. I immediately see this opportunity as a living, breathing, working portfolio. Now if I were to “submit” elsewhere in the world to print or other online publications I can point them back to Medium and The Coffeelicious.

I exist in cyberspace in places other than my own blog.

I am also getting tweeted and re-tweeted as well. Of course both Medium and The Coffeelicious have twitter accounts. So everything they do is tweeted and linked back to me and some of the readers are the ones doing the most tweeting.

So a lot of my recent activity has been spent working with the people in charge of The Coffeelicious and basking in this unexpected turn of events. But I have to switch gears and start thinking like a business owner and finding ways to capitalize on this. And get my own website established asap.

You can fine me elsewhere in cyberspace at you will also find links to my twitter and facebook accounts there too.

Be well. WP_20150805_007


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