Working on SUNDAYS.

Posted: March 22, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I have decided to feature my weekly single panel comic strip here on the blog I originally created to showcase my art work.

I will use the other social media outlets I have signed up for to drive traffic here.

Next step is to monetize. (but I need to get my work up to payable content worthy first)… One step at a time

I am all in on this. Much like my last purposed attempt at producing a cartoon every day from 2012-2014. I need to write every single day. I have no choice. I have set aside Thursday and Friday (and Saturday if I need it) to produce the comic for that week. Then come Sunday morning hit publish and start all over again.

I will never stop making art. Cartoons are only a part of my passion. But even if I never quite find my audience or make any money at this… This is all I know how to do.

I have a day job, but that’s for survival. Art is my soul, my outlet and the platform I communicate from.

I’m just forging ahead, doing what I enjoy. Its solitary work and I’m ok with that… I dont need a lot of activity in my life, I have been a wallflower most of life… I observe and take notes and end up using what I see and hear in my cartoons.

I’m just trying to have fun and see who can relate.

See you soon.


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