I find the older I get… Let me rephrase that. Its been about 34 yrs since I decided to be a so-called “professional cartoonist”… I have not quite arrived at that profession. In the early days before the internet I did some old school research into registering copyrights, had all the forms sent to me from the library of congress etc etc.

I took art classes and fell in love with sequential art, water colors and life drawing. In fact in art school I doubled up on the life drawing classes. My schedule at NSFIA (Newark school of fine and industrial arts) was two classes a day, 3 hours each. It was a little slice of heaven.

So to spend 6 hours a day drawing models with my pad on an easel and learning how to draw from my shoulder while holding my pencil sideways was amazing.

But the school wasn’t accredited and i didnt have a clear vision of what i was taking away from these teachers… by the beginning of my second year (on my second go around there) I quit.

I notice now in my mid forties that I’m not as quick to give up as I was as a kid. I would stick it out this time. I would leave with a portfolio of work that might have lead me somewhere to a career in the arts.

But then again, who knows…? Maybe I’d still back into a career in hospitality, get married, start a family, get cancer and be exactly where I an today….45 yrs old with responsibilities, a day job and a hobby that keeps me sane.

Since starting this blog a few yrs ago I have posted about 600 + times. Most of it art related. There has been a lot of posts between 2012 and 2014 that were mainly cartoons.

I have strayed from cartoons and returned to the doodles I have produced in my youth with which I have decompressed and sometimes solved problems while mindlessly doodling… I’m sure art has saved me from a nervous breakdown or two.

But lately, I have been experimenting with lots of abstract art, watermedia and just screwing around with sharpies.

I’m not sure what the 14 year old me thinks of where the 45 year old me has ended up, but while I have regrets, I’m still scratching on paper… Sometimes with words in a journal, on 3×5 index cards or soaking 140lb water color paper with crazy shapes and colors and calling it “abstract art”…

i dont really know what I’m doing 100% of the time, I just know if I don’t do it I will go nuts.


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