Signed off mobile web

Posted: December 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

*originally posted to my page

I recently signed out of the mobile versions of the social media sites I use, I wanted to concentrate on other parts of my life. Mostly home life. I was informed during a recent physical that it appears I have sustained heart muscle damage possibly from extremely high and unchecked blood pressure or I have already suffered a silent heart attack. (I’m 45) in the almost 3 weeks since this visit I have adjusted my life sharply in the direction of alleviating stress and I have successfully cut out coffee and this dramatically improved my perspective on the day job…don’t get me wrong work still sucks, but I am now able to maintain a little more composure when the shit hits the proverbial fan.

I found always checking my twitter feeds added to unnecessary stress and while I can make art offline, focusing on tweeting about it right after making it took away from my work. I was making art to strictly post to a website. I wasn’t working for me. Unfortunately there are withdrawl symptoms by not constantly checking twitter et al… but I’m dealing with it.

Remember life before the internet? if you were an artist where did your work go right after you were done? when I was a kid in school you worked toward Art Show and all the projects were destined for that event. One day/night at school to showcase the best from that year.

We didn’t live tweet from the Art Show… we just went and stood proudly by our work. and when it was over, the work came down and you took it home. And you continued to make more that hopefully some one would see someday. Even with the internet I filled sketchbooks this way. Half baked ideas that I hoped to turn into something some one would get to see someday. And a few years ago I decided to post my work to a blog (this one) and let the work sink or swim on its own. I had to let the work go. And its been a good thing, I trust instincts as an artist more now than I did before. But the constant use of twitter and others while inevitably scrolling thru news feeds sucks the life and precious time away from you. God willing I will always have time to make art…but for the next few weeks and until I actually get to a cardiologist I am weening myself off the mobile social media sites for my well being.


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