“No coffee, tea!”

Posted: December 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Taking a line from a classic SNL skit from yesteryear “No coke, pepsi!” after learning that I would be allowed just one cup of coffee a day due to the fact my heart appears to show muscle damage possibly from high BP or a fairly recent silent heart attack… I took only one day to successfully switch to tea. I was probably the coffee drinking equivalent of a chain smoker.

This cartoon reflects the once used daily coffee maker that now sits abandoned on the counter next to the sink, essentially a paper weight.

Food intake has changed and I never thought I would ever be able to stop drinking coffee. But surprisingly, I have.

I have no desire for coffee or the beer I was also consuming a bit too much of. I am 2 weeks into a lifestyle adjustment that I suspect will last the rest of my life.

Few sweets, more protein, next to no caffeine, no alcohol, little or no white flour, pasta or rice.

Cancer was a wake up call. 8 years later after getting comfortable again and eating processed foods and falling off the Health and Wellness band wagon, I apparently am blessed with another wake up call.

Sometimes it makes me think i really do have a purpose on this earth. I am here to accomplish something and whatever that is and until it is completed I will not be taken from this planet.

So I take the nudge to straighten up and fly right quite seriously. When cancer was my problem I saw it as an invader and it had to be destroyed. My body needed to be rid of it.

Now that my heart is the problem I have to learn to live with this. All plans are to improve things with meds and diet.

And I am happy to report I can live without coffee. That is a BIG head start for me.

Be well.


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