Posted: September 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Decided to Re-do a previous cartoon and make it larger and I wanted to paint it.

Still only dabbling in water media, I redrew the previous image and let the paint do the talking.

I really like the dry brush technique. But I hope to explore things further.

I do still wear my livestrong bracelet. On and off, but more on lately. Within the last few months my wife has been diagnosed with skin cancer and has had surgery to deal with it. Cancer appears to be unavoidable but can certainly be dealt with if caught early.

In a few months I will mark 8 years since my official diagnosis. Surviving both Renal cell carcinoma and Hodgkin lymphoma is no small feat, I didn’t do it alone of course, I had support from close friends, family and my rock; my wife. (of course science, my Dr and God too)

The process of dealing with my wife’s melanoma is different than what I went thru… But now I understand what it feels like to be the one who feels helpless. I’m not the patient, this time. She is and it sucks that she has to deal with this at all…


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