I am without a dedicated work space in the new house…at the moment. All desire to create art has surprisingly been quiet and I am not feeling the need to doodle or cartoon ANYTHING.

It does concern me a little, but what is stirring within is the want to finish writing/re-writing my so-called book. And while at it incorporate the quest to define my faith.

I just rewrote my twitter bio to read: “I am proof that God is patient and has a sense of humor. Baptized Catholic, raised Pentecostal, biologically Jewish. Cartoonist. Cancer survivor. Writing about it.”

And that last part, “Writing about it” is my focus at this point.

EbzART is in limbo without studio space anyway. My goal at the start of this year was/is to finish the book by end of the year if not by my birthday in October.

So… That is the plan. Writing at all costs.

I may let my son (who is ten) post his art work here instead. He was given a 50 year old art table my father, my brother and I all used at one time in our lives. He is exploring his creativity…

Maybe he is the future of EbzART.

Be well.


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