FatBird is ten years old

Posted: April 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Created by me in spring of 2004 drawing on the sidewalk with my then four year old daughter, I’ve been drawing or doodling Fatbird on and off for the last ten years.

A few years ago my son started collecting my fatbird cartoons and I started leaving new cartoons in his lunchbox each morning.

His classmates between 1st and 3rd grade knew all about fatbird because my son shared my cartoons and they started sending me their fatbird cartoons. I have to admit that was pretty cool.

His 2nd grade teacher used a fatbird cartoon as a in class writing prompt. And his art teacher told me how Eric would show the class how to draw fatbird. (which lead to all the fan art I was getting)

During Hurricane Sandy when we had no power my son stapled his lunchbox collection of ‘toons into a homemade book of fatbird’s adventures. This picture is one of those from his book.

Eric added his own fatbird cartoons to lengthen the story he wrote to accompany the cartoons.

Fatbird has evolved a little bit since creation like we all have, but I think he’s still pretty close to the original… And maybe its finally time to unleash fatbird on the world.


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