I scribbled this down in the car waiting for my kids yesterday afternoon.

I realized that 1983 was 31 years ago. And some how I never stopped reaching towards my original goal of professional cartoonist (syndicated or not) … I have always been an artist. I have dabbled with writing, did a fair amount of blogging but always drifted back to creating visual art.

I called myself out here beginning with #1. No Excuses. There are no excuses. There is always time to be found, or time made (if you want it bad enough) and lastly always time to be stolen (from something else like TV)

2. Life is always going to get in your way. This is just a fact. You have to deal with that. And regardless of life’s interference you have to ask yourself if not now, when?

3. You can’t let life stop you. If you do then you will never get anything done.

4. Find the time. Make the time! A few minutes a day adds up.

5. Create whenever you can. 300 words a day to just jotting down ideas to be worked on later… Doodle for God’s sake just make something.

6. Stop talking about it. Dont tell me what you’re going to do… Show what you did.

7. If you’re gonna talk the talk, you better walk the walk! Basically shut up and do the work.

8. Got ideas? Great! Make them happen. Now! If not sooner. Don’t let too much time get in the way or you will never get started.

9. Still don’t have time? See #4

10. Bottom line…Its all about #1.

“life is not a support system for art, its the other way around.” ~Stephen King.

Be well.


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