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Posted: March 23, 2014 in Uncategorized
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When I set out to be a Professional “syndicated” Cartoonist waaaay back in the 8th grade (circa 1983) I didn’t expect not to make it.

I set a personal goal to achieve this, at that moment in my life I thought 17 years would be enough time. I set my sights on being a syndicated cartoonist with a daily comic strip in the papers by the ripe old age of 30.

Then life got in the way. That’s the short version of what happened.

This year I will turn 45.

If you’re keeping score you know that obviously puts me 15 years off course but oddly enough I am closer today to some sense of that original goal than I was in 1983. The newspaper business changed, the comics got smaller. Technology boomed, blogs formed, web comics debuted, newspapers went out of business etc, etc things happened.

I collected countless sketchbooks with unseen cartoons and doodles filling them from cover to cover. I never shared what I created or scribbled with anyone. I don’t know why. In 2006 I started blogging about the two cancers I had. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote and I wrote some more.

Eventually I started a couple other blogs and soon started this one, challenging myself to stop scribbling and hoarding my so-called Art and just put the cartoons and abstract paintings and other ramblings “Out There” … live or die on their own, happy or not with my product the deal I made with my self was to push the “PUBLISH” button and SHIP.

And not to look back.

And I did that.

I discovered just recently while looking into the analytics WordPress offers that I have 42 people following this blog. I was floored by that. 42 individuals who have signed up to be notified when I post something here.

There are 17 people signed up to my other one I sort of post to. (need to get back to that one honestly)

111 people are following me on Twitter and I just recently started using Instagram.

As a writer and cartoonist (same thing really) I want an audience to consume my work. I want to make people think, or laugh, or at least smile.

I feel extremely humbled that these 170 people want to read my tweets or these rambling weblog posts and/or cartoons. I have not made a dime as a cartoonist. I would love to, don’t get me wrong. I would love for people to relate to something I said or expressed via written word or visual art and perhaps one day buy something I produced. But that may never happen.

And I think I am ok with that.

I am working on a book. (supposedly, its not going very well… I have a goal for this year to finish that re-write maybe you’ve read about it here) I have the ideas for at least two more and after discussing some things with my wife just a day or so ago, we have plans to start another book idea per se of cartoons/art work we can publish together.

I may have wanted to be the next Charles Schulz back in 1983 but the universe had another idea and detoured me quite a bit… I am not complaining by any means, I am enjoying this trip. It has been an interesting adventure so far.

I plan on catering to the people who are paying attention and following my work here, on twitter and hopefully with instagram. One of the earliest posts on this blog (if not the very first one) was about 1000 true fans. I hope to find and earn 1000 true fans one day.

I hope whatever I am posting has been and continues to be worth your time and you that keep reading and perhaps choose to share my work with your friends.

You an find me on twitter @ebzart and now on instagram @scotty_ebzart

Thank you
truly yours,



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