happy new year You’re Fired!

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Happy New Year! “you’re fired!”

Yep. Just 9 short days into the new year and I was unceremoniously let go.

I saw it coming 2.5 months ago…still sucks either way. I have not been the most optimistic person you will ever meet, but since last Thursday I’m not really all that pissed off. And I’m not sulking about it. I didn’t belong in that field and only took the position I did back in 2012 to stabilize health insurance for me and my family. (which we hardly used or needed in that time frame)… I suppose we’ll be a candidate for Obamacare now?

So here I am, unemployed yet again. With an unfinished book and semi-irregular although self imposed cartooning plans and deadlines for my EbzArt blog still brewing beneath the surface.

The extra time I now have (in-between job searching of course) will be balanced with writing, walking, cleaning and reading.

I am adopting James Altucher’s “Daily Practice” and will further develop the Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional parts of my well being and keep moving forward.

I am learning to breathe and I am accepting that everything takes time.

After being exposed to some of the most negative people I have ever worked with in my life, I am actually feeling optimistic about opportunities ahead of me and making my own way and the personal progress I have already achieved thus far with EbzART and my hopes to expand on things this year. New projects and ideas are still being worked on.

I also decided 2014 was… is my No Excuses year to finish my book and if all goes well self publish it before years end. I am being realistic about time frames and my own limitations. Its taken me 7 years to get this far…I am in no hurry to just sprint to the finish.

So as 2014 is hardly two weeks old I start the year off behind the 8 ball, I am strangely comfortable in my own skin and really feel like I can do this optimism thing after all.

Be well.
To be continued…


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