Do it everyday…

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Borrowed from Austin Kleon’s tumblr page:

“You get up and, first thing in the morning, you do your 500 words. Do it every day and you’ve got a book in eight or nine months.”
— Vaclav Smil, on how he’s published 30 books (3 of them in the last year)

This is on the same level as “shipping” we just need to shut up and do it.

Talking about it isn’t doing it.

I’ve set out to cartoon everyday. Sometimes I post several things a day, and ultimately I want to write my book. This quote is motivation enough to do that. Even 300 words a day (like Anne Lamott has written about in her book “Bird By Bird”) will add up.

It can be done and I am doing it.


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