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My daughter and late mother’s birthdays are this month. The significance of the butterfly represents more than a few things here.

My first born child (my daughter) turns 13 in ten short days. My mother left her a note before she passed (which my daughter received last christmas) and in it my mom mentioned her growing up and changing into a young woman and used the butterfly analogy to describe this change. Unfortunately my mom isn’t here to help celebrate my daughter’s teenaged steps toward adulthood…

Soon after my mom passed we started seeing butterflies everywhere. And now that spring has arrived I am waiting to see my first butterfly this season.

My mom worried about my daughter being the only girl. But hopefully she somehow sees the young lady she is becoming. A confident, strong, eager and helpful, well rounded person. Active in a wide variety of activities including music, sports, Girl Scouts and student council.

As much as my little girl and I clash sometimes, she inspires me and I find her amazing.

A few months ago my mother-in-law also passed away before witnessing my daughter’s transformation from child to teenager. And while we collect suddenly found pennies and debate if the butterflies spotted were sent by my mom or my wife’s we know that these things remind us that we are not alone and that we are all still growing and changing and becoming the people God intended us to be.

Life goes on.


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