Life is…

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Life is three things.

1) Life is a Paradox. It’s a mystery. Something you are not going to completely figure out. It helps if you don’t bother trying to understand it.

2) Life is Humor. Or life requires a sense of humor…the ability to laugh at yourself is especially important. “Don’t take yourself too seriously”

3) Life is change. This is the only constant you can count on. Seasons change, schedules change, careers change, and sometimes people change. As soon as you can accept this life gets a little easier to navigate.

Or so you might think.

I’ve been dwelling on these things for the last few weeks for a few different reasons. And ultimately I’ve been trying to make peace with it all.

As I get older I realize I’m not in control of anything and sometimes that’s not an easy thing to accept.

But I’m working on it.


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