My life like yours is full of trials and tribulations.

On any given day we are each left to wrestle with our individual demons, our mistakes and in my case my mouth…or what seems to come out of my mouth.

I never seem to know when to just shut my mouth and stop talking. Whether its via text or email or social media. And social media has been a serious problem for me. My experiment with avoiding facebook especially was a test of my will as I seem overly drawn to the dumb-ass website…to do what with? I really don’t know.

But I have signed in and out a few times in the last week and seeing much of the same still being posted I just went on with my day.

Then the other day I felt whimsical enough about something to post a comment to “Zuckerberg’s Machine” I thought was funny enough to mention…who I was sharing it with was unimportant to me and against my better judgment I did it anyway.

Since I had not deleted my account I decided if nothing else facebook stands to be a phone book of contacts I can’t reach any other way. Even if all I use it for is to send an internal message to reach a cousin I don’t have a cell phone number for.(Which I did the other day) Facebook can be useful to a point. (I will admit that) but much beyond that it is a time killer.

So I deactivated it yet again. I am choosing to keep a respectable distance but in situations when contacting a friend or family member is necessary I can and will probably use it. And sometimes there is a gem of a good laugh buried in the news feed.

Being for or against something like Zuckerberg’s website is my issue. I have admitted to killing a lot of time on it. I have seen time lost with my kids and my wife still calls me out on it. Everyone at work is constantly on their cell phones whether they are using facebook or not I don’t always know but the use of hand held devices in place of inter-personal communications does affect personal relationships.

The inability to read emotions in the context of a text message, email or chosen “quote” posted to a facebook wall thinly disguised as a general comment shared with your facebook buddies is essentially chipping away at relationships. Everyone knows what’s posted on facebook is what we want (certain) people to see.

Social media isn’t perfect and neither are its users. I chose to back away from facebook (but do see it as a necessary evil) and my next step is to cut back on everything.

I overheard a woman talking about people not actually “speaking” to each other but being side by side texting…probably not texting each other but other people. We are always connected and even while in the presence of other people we are chatting with others or posting a status update to facebook to share with whomever about our day. We are multi-tasking all the time.

I had an employer once tell me “The most important person in the world is the person standing (or sitting) in front of you” communication by text or otherwise is lost by distance and things are always misread and people are offended and nothing good comes of it.

I should know this by now.

But like history, I am doomed to repeat myself.

And I do.

All the time.

Texting, social media, email…any and all of it serves a purpose. It can all be useful. I personally need to take a break from it and just be. (I am working on that…believe me. It’s not easy to disconnect)

But maybe my problem isn’t with “media” it’s with people in general and social media and other forms of communication is only compounding my problems. Maybe I need to work on the “Art of communication” and learn what I have often been told as we all were told growing up….

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

But what if I never have anything nice to say?

…Have a good day.

  1. beckyntheboys says:

    I totally agree Scott. I realized this as things started to fall into place, when certain activities were revealed to me. We take our personal reationships for granted, way too much. Spending time on a computer or texting on a hand held device is an addiction.Addictions are harmful to families. Addictions must be broken. You are right that some of the social media is a necessary evil, and can be used in moderation. But we must be aware enough to see what we are really missing, ….LIFE.

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