Communicating Ideas

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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When I set out to be a cartoonist waaay back in the eighth grade I don’t think I originally understood that all I was trying to do was communicate. Communicate an idea, a concept, tell stories.

But that is all visual art is, communication. Telling someone’s story, a company’s story, marketing, selling an idea.

Humor is important too and if you look past the innocence of Peanuts and realize the stories Charles Schulz was telling, you can see the humanity in his cartoons and his characters.

It’s also about empathy. Sharing a commonality. Finding common ground. Relating to a situation or circumstance that reminds each of us that we’ve all been there.

My quest to ‘communicate’ via cartoons and doodles is just an extension of using words to accomplish the same thing. But cartooning is writing at its core. The joke or story is still there and has to be crafted the same way.

I am leaning towards re-writing my so-called book about my cancer experience. Even in just prose I am seeking to communicate my story, my family’s story to the world in an effort to possibly reach someone who might benefit from my experience. I am hoping to tell a story, instill hope and inspire others to keep fighting.

In the long run all I have wanted to do was tell stories. It’s taken some 30 years since I decided in the 8th grade to be a cartoonist for me to realize I have been blogging, drawing in sketch books or doodling ever since. All those words and pictures already exist…I have written that book and told lots of stories.

Now I just have to put them all together.

  1. emilyshead says:

    Scott, way to go! I recently entered leukemia world. I recognize common allies: humor, communication and understanding that “no one gets out of here alive,” which helps us appreciate now and spend our time in awareness and peace.

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